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   Hello! Welcome to our blog. We post movie reviews/overviews of aesthetic, indie, mystery and poetic cinema. Sometimes we post other movie-related details. Our aesthetic movie's definition is a movie that makes you feel something, gives you a feeling of life that you have never experienced

      We won't post about old movies (but we will think about some of the vintage movies as the blog progresses). We will try to make posts on recently released movies. We won't write about every movie that we watch, we will pick something special that values our and your time. However, we like to post about our favourite celebrities' movies. We also make posts about interesting facts about upcoming or released movies. We try to keep the reviews short and spoiler free.

     If you're also a movieholic and want to share your review on our blog or want to work with us, you're always welcome.

Thank you for visiting our blog.


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