Close (2022): An Aesthetic Film About Innocence, Guilt And Remorse

'Close' is a French film about the innocent and naive friendship of two thirteen-year-old boys, Leo (Eden Dambrine) & Remi (Gustav De Waele). As in the title, they are close friends, as if they were twin brothers. Leo mostly stays at Rami's house, they play together, eat together and even share the same bed. But everything changes when they leave the flower fields and begin school life.

Close (2022)
Genres: Coming-of-age, Drama
Cast: Eden Dambrine, Gustav De Waele, Emilie Dequenne
Close (2022) Aesthetic A24 Film Poster
Image: A24 Films

Leo's character is vigorous. On the other hand, Remi is sensitive and an introvert. However, Leo supports Rami and encourages him to follow his musical talent. Rami is incomplete without Leo.

Circumstances change when school starts, the world doesn't see their platonic love through the lens of innocence, their classmates try to label it something that Leo and Rami never thought of.

"Are you together?"

After that question, Leo finds it difficult to look at their friendship as before, as if his whole perspective has shifted. Leo is trying to keep distance from Rami when they're at school to avoid getting verbally bullied by other classmates. Maybe because sometimes words hurt more than wounds. Leo tries to make new friends at school. Rami doesn't like this new version of Leo.

"One can survive a heart break by one's lover, but when one's close friend breaks his heart, it must be difficult to survive."

I won't reveal the twist, but this film shows how society's prejudice ruins the childhood of two thirteen-year-old boys and causes unbearable pain for their loved ones. The film is a good mix of innocence, guilt and remorse.

I loved the leading actors because it's a story of thirteen-year-old teens played by actual thirteen-year-old teens. I loved the scenes of kids running through the fields of flowers. Each and every scene from the flower field is aesthetic. Eden Dambrine's acting is heart-rending. The character of Rami's mother (Emilie Dequenne) is also praiseworthy. A24 films always come up with something different and innovative. This saddening coming-of-age film is watchable.

Close (2022) Official Trailer


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