The Silencing (2020): Where is Gwen Swanson Wildlife Sanctuary?

I would say that this article is for the people who love to wanderlust, especially for the ones who have watched The Silencing (2020) and are wondering about the various locations featured in the movie.

Gwen Swanson Wildlife Sanctuary The Silencing

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is shown as a guardian of Gwen Swanson Wildlife Sanctuary. The name of the sanctuary is inspired by his lost daughter, Gwen Swanson. You must have noticed the forest scenery, river, and lake. First of all, I want to clarify that the story of the movie is not based on real-life events, the story is completely fictional, also the characters. Although, it is a watchable thriller. The ending of the movie may have disappointed you as it turned out to be a revenge story.

The movie is originally located in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. The city scenes are from Sudbury. Sadly, there is no Gwen Swanson Wildlife Sanctuary in Sudbury, but the scenes are from the forest of Sudbury. The first drone shot of the movie, where a dead body is floating in the river, is Onaping River. The lake where Rayburn had his cabin could be Lake Laurentian Conservation Area or Windy Lake Provincial Park area. 

If you ever plan to visit Sudbury, there are plenty of tourist attractions. If you're interested in wildlife, then you should visit Fielding Bird Sanctuary, Kivi Park, Lake Laurentian, Windy Lake, and Ramsey Lake. Science North is an exhibition museum of Earth sciences. Northern Ontario Railroad Museum introduces us to the heritage of Northern Ontario.

The List of Other Places to Visit in Sudbury

  • Big Nickel
  • High Falls 
  • Agnew Lake
  • Bell Park
  • Whitewater Lake
  • Vermilion Lake
  • Dynamic Earth
  • Lake Panache
  • Art Gallery of Sudbury 
  • Fairbank Provincial Park 
  • Northern Ontario Railroad Museum & Heritage Centre


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